Subscription Charts

AngelNav can be downloaded free and includes a single chart of the UK for evaluation purposes. Most users will want to obtain charts covering the area they sail in, and currently AngelNav offers annual subscriptions for 9 folios of charts covering the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands derived from data supplied by the UKHO. There are also three charts of France supplied by SHOM. The latest version of AngelNav also includes subscriptions to charts from Imray, starting with the Caribbean folio. The charts are downloaded through the app to the user’s iPhone or iPad. Regular (every three months) updating happens automatically and is included in the subscription charge.

Select a folio from the drop down menu to view its coverage:

We are planning to add many more folios covering other areas in the world.

Available world charts

In addition to charts available through subscription, AngelNav will open the majority of raster charts, for example those in BSB/KAP or GeoTIFF format.

Many such charts can be downloaded from the internet charge, some of them free of charge. The following is a partial list of what is available:

  • The OpenCPN project maintains a good list of sources of charts here.
  • The excellent very large scale Antares charts for West Scotland are available here.
  • Free charts for the waters of the USA are available here.

Large scale charts based on geo-referenced satellite images may be created within the app.

Satellite charts

AngelNav can create charts from satellite images for use off line. Although no depth information is offered, it can be helpful for anchorages with multiple hazards (rocks, coral heads) which are otherwise not clearly marked.

It is particularly useful for islands in the Pacific for which recent hydrographic surveys may not be available.