Thank you for creating an amazing app! Finally, those of us who like to keep our navigating skills sharp, and love our old paper charts have a friend on our iPad. I’m California based, but planning a South Pacific trip in a year (or so). I have already downloaded the NOAA suite for the West Coast USA, and hope you’ll add wider Pacific and Atlantic options soon. Additionally, your satellite picture downloads are perfect. I’ve spent way too much time trying to plough through all the geotagged images on the web, and making this seamless with Apple Maps is brilliant.

James Blake

This looks an amazing and very useful navigation system that keeps how many of us learned navigation at sea alive.”

Ceri Hurford-Jones linkedin

What a great idea to be able to use the electronic chart for 'traditional' navigation in the event of a loss of GPS signal for any reason. Lots of useful features such as the satellite charts in this product.

Martin Smith

The only puzzle is why this wasn't the way from the beginning of electronic plotting.

David Matzenik

You certainly have created a unique product here. I never would have believed it possible to combine electronic navigation displays with traditional navigation, but you have achieved it unusually and admirably in AngelNav. I’m sure you will have many many takers amongst those who feel uneasy about relying on electronic navigation alone.

Janet Spinlove

I particularly like the NMEA support, I’ve got more and more instruments on my NMEA network and being able to have these on the AngelNav display is great (GPS, AIS).

Nathan Boal

Liking the feature set of AngelNav - what a great and simple approach to helping solve the "and if the GPS fails?" question and encourage people to continue practising manual skills.

John Wetton

I love the combination of traditional chart work with modern tech.

Paul French

I’ve downloaded the south coast charts to AngelNav, and yes you’re right it has everything I need to passage plan. At that price nothing else lets me work out a CTS.

Dean Litherland-Smith

The concept is spot on. Despite being a lifelong sailor, for various reasons my cruising experience was limited. I wish to change that and wanted to learn about navigation properly so 2 years ago I did the RYA shore based course. As a result I tried some navigational apps and immediately hated them. The contrast between the perfect detail of an Admiralty Chart and the weirdly coloured, gloopy app versions was stark. They so obviously lacked all the brilliantly helpful detail we had just been learning about. I didn’t know why the apps were like that but when I saw your new one in the spring I thanked God that someone had a brain and also had the connections and oomph to make it a reality.

Arabella Moore

What happens if a fault affects your boat's GPS receiver in navigation, whether it's a catamaran, monohull, or powerboat? If you've decided to do without paper charts, and it's legal, it's impossible to position yourself. Indeed, how can you work "the old-fashioned" way on an electronic chart to carry bearings or an estimated position? With this in mind, SailTrack Ltd and Tom Cunliffe designed AngelNav. It is charting software, on demand, which allows you to trace, measure, report data, in the old-fashioned way, on electronic charts or satellite images...

François Meyer