Where can I find free charts to download?

The OpenCPN project has a comprehensive list of sources of free charts here. For example, the NOAA allows free download of charts in KAP format for all US coastal waters.

Can I use the subscribed charts on more than one device?

Yes, up to a limit of 5 devices (this is a licence stipulation of the chart supplier). The charts will be downloaded onto any iPhone or iPad for which you are logged on using your Apple ID. If you want to download onto a sixth device, then you can temporarily remove the charts from one of the other devices by tapping the - button in the Store screen.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Check that your device is connected to the internet, then go to Settings: Extras: Store and tap Manage Subscriptions. Select the subscription you wish to cancel, then tap Cancel Subscription. You will still have access to the charts until the end of the subscription period, after which they will be automatically removed from your devices. You can also cancel a subscription outside of AngelNav in Media & Purchases in the Apple ID section of Settings on your iOS device.

How do I follow a route?

Make sure that the route is active (by tapping the slider next to the route in the Routes tab). The active route will then be displayed. Double tap on any waypoint in the route to select Goto for that waypoint. Once it is reached, the next waypoint in the route becomes the next goto waypoint and so on.

How do I find my boat?

If the chart list is displayed, tap on the 􀮃 icon at the top of the page. If there is no boat position available it will be greyed out. If there is a boat position, then all the available charts will be searched to find those that include it. If there are more than one, the chart with the largest scale will be loaded, and the chart will scroll to the boat’s position.

If a chart is already loaded and the chart includes the boat’s position, tapping on the 􀮃 icon will scroll the chart in order to display the boat.

How do I reduce the number of charts in my chart list?

You can use the filter menu button at the top right of the chart list screen in order to only view certain types of chart. Typing in the search bar will display only charts containing that letter or number sequence in the title. You can also change the order of the list to (for example) present small scale planning charts at the top.

If you want to temporarily remove subscribed charts (to regain storage space on your device), tap on the - button in the Store screen. This will remove the subscribed charts from the list (and also from the device thereby saving storage) and be replaced by a + button. When you are ready to re-load the subscribed charts just tap the + button.

Why can’t I see my charts in the chart list?

Check that the filter at the top of the chart list is set to ‘All’, or to the type of chart you are looking for. If your chart files are stored on iCloud, use the Files app to check that they have actually been downloaded (see next question).

Why are my stored charts no longer on the device?

If you store charts on iCloud, and your device storage reaches a certain limit (about 80%), then iOS actively manages the storage by removing certain files so that they can be downloaded again later. Clearly this is an issue if you are going to sea without internet and need access to your charts!

Therefore its important to check that the files are present before departing, or alternatively move them to the device itself “On My iPad/iPhone” rather than on “iCloud Drive”.

Why is ‘Set Anchor Alarm’ greyed out?

The anchor alarm needs to keep working even when AngelNav is in the background, or the screen is locked, and therefore it is only available if Settings: Data source is set to Location Services.

I have a large number of waypoints, how can I organise them?

Keep the ones that you want by locking them (on the edit page), and then deleting all the unlocked waypoints. The remaining ones can then be saved by exporting them to a GPX file. This file can then be imported later. GPX files are plain text, so If you have a text editor then it is possible to edit them directly (NB you need to know a bit about XML to do this).

Why is the active route is no longer showing the distance and bearing of each segment?

The display of these two values can be switched on or off in Settings:Show course and distance.

The boat information on an AIS target keeps disappearing after a few seconds. How do I keep it displayed?

After a single tap, the display will disappear after 3 seconds. However, the display will remain if you are scrolling up or down to see more information. If you want the display to remain (for example if there is an AIS target with an unsafe closest point of approach, then long tap on the target to keep the display visible.